clean air

What services do you offer?
Being an environmental consultancy firm that we are, we follow legally-mandated regulations as we provide services to our customers. We cater to the every need of our clients. We have a highly competent team to guarantee high quality services. Some of our services are environmental assessment and evaluation related to solid waste management, urban planning, and other environmental concerns.

Where can I find your services?
We have over thousands of firms across the world. Check our store locator in “Home Page” to find a firm near you.

How much does it cost to avail your service?
We provide high quality service for very reasonable prices. Go to the nearest firm and our accounting personnel will assist you regarding the rate of our services. You can check our payment plans and you can choose which is suitable for you. We also have installment plans that will help you manage the amount of financial load. Our plans range from three-month installment plan up until twenty four-month installment plan.

Do you accept small-scale projects?
We strive to address the every need of our customers. From your household environmental concerns, up to a factory-wide problem, our dedicated staffs are here to help you regarding your issues.

How do I apply for your service?
Visit any of our physical offices near you and one of our committed staffs will surely attend to your concerns.

How long do I have to wait for a project to finish?
The length of our service depends on the amount of work needed and the availability of our staffs, consultants, supervisors, engineers, and architects. Our team will certainly do their best to accomplish an assigned task in the shortest time possible.

What are the steps that you follow when doing a project?
It usually goes like this: surveying – assessment – planning – constructing – sustaining.