Incorporating Green Living in Your Home

We cannot argue that climate change has come. The rapid changing of weather cycle around the world can attest to this. The melting of ice caps in the polar regions is a huge evidence. Although the damage has been done, it doesn’t mean that we cannot anymore do anything about it. In fact, we can help relatively slows the degradation in our own way. Starting in the comfort of our homes.

Unknowingly, within our very homes, we contribute to the fast developing global warming. With the products we use in our everyday chores, we aggravate the now persisting problem. So how can we prevent this? We have created here a checklist.

ü Lessen the use of aerosols at home

Aerosols are among those substances which relatively contributes to the Earth’s abnormal heating. We use this in our homes in the form of air fresheners, and as a beauty product in the form of spray nets for our hair. Now, even deodorants and antiperspirants can be made of these.

Instead of using aerosol sprays, we can instead use alternative products. For instance, instead of using air sprays to alleviate the bad order in the house, we can just use a water-vinegar solution. Such may bring the same result without harming the environment.

ü Choose environmental-friendly appliances

At some point, you’d want to upgrade. Many of us our fan of new technology and as much as possible, we want the most modern in our own household. But wait! We can do this without harming the environment. How? By choosing environmental-friendly appliances.

These are easily spotted as they are indicated by stickers. If it is not easily evident to you, then you can ask your local retailers if they sell those that are Energy-Star Approved. You can even ask them if they use so you can see how it can integrate into the current look of your home.

ü Decrease your trash by donating

That thing you are about to throw out, is that meant as a trash? More often than not we do not think twice about the things we dump. Whether these are clothes that do not anymore fit us or cans and bottles that serve no purpose in our household, all these just add to the garbage that piles up in the landfill.

Do you know that there is money in collecting bottles and tin cans? These can be sold to be recycled by those in the business. And the clothes you think cannot fit you anymore, they can still be used by shelter kids. You can coordinate with the local shelters near you to see if they can find a new home for that stuff you are not anymore using.

ü Eliminate the use of plastics

Plastics are considered to be the number one cause of pollution worldwide. The fact that they do not decompose and are made up of pure chemicals just add up to their harm to the environment. This is why many cities have adopted the ‘no plastic policy’ around the world.

In place of plastic bags, individuals are encouraged to use eco-bags instead. Metal straws are also available now instead of plastic ones. Containers that are made of plastic and styrofoam are fast being discouraged in restaurants and fast food chains. In your household, by adopting this practice, you can easily help the environment in your own way.

If everyone will be conscious of the use of environment-friendly products, we can help rebuild our environment. Hand-in-hand we can preserve our world for the next generation to come.

Three Little Ways to Help Stop Climate Change

recycling tips

Climate change, also known as global warming, is undeniably happening in the world today. It refers to the significant change in climate for an extended period of time. We experience these changes because of the continuous emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. It is released through the burning of oil, coal, and fossil fuels. These gases keep the air in the atmosphere which leads to the warming of the planet, making the sea level go higher, and creating noticeable changes in weather patterns.

Here are three simple ways that you can do to help combat climate change:

Start Inside Your Home

Not only are your cars the reason for climate change. Even your smartphones and home appliances contribute to the deterioration of Mother Earth. According to research, your beloved gadgets also produce greenhouse gases every time you charge them. We provide a list of simple home solutions that you can do to lessen the greenhouse gas emission in your home.

  • Switch to highly efficient light bulbs
  • Dry your clothes under the sun instead of using an electric dryer
  • Ensure the energy efficiency of your garage door in Tempe with proper insulation
  • Remove electrical appliances in sockets when not in use
  • Eat less meat
  • Stop wasting food


I know, I know. This step may be a little cliché but it really does wonders. Even the smallest step in recycling can make a change. Recycling can eradicate pollution as it beautifies the environment.  In order to diminish these negative and harmful effects, here are some of the small steps to follow:

  • Bring reusable bags when you shop
  • Avoid buying non-recyclable materials especially if you do not need them
  • Use recyclable products
  • Segregate waste properly
  • Recycle materials made of plastic and/or paper

Choose Your Transportation Wisely

As much as we need to travel, we must consider the detrimental effects of vehicles in the environment. They emit Carbon dioxide, an example of greenhouse gas, every time they run on the road. Land and air pollution are some of the main contributors of climate change. In addition to that, big amount of greenhouse gases emanate from planes. Of all the modes of transportation available out there, air vehicles produce the greatest number of greenhouse gases. The Carbon dioxide emitted from any of these modes of transportation contributes to the burning of our ozone layer.

  • Walk more
  • Ride a bicycle when going to school or work
  • Ride mass transportation units instead of riding a private vehicle
  • Lessen air travels

These are just some of the ways that you can do to help our environment. You need to remember that even in your own little ways, you can create a big impact to the environment. With all of our combined efforts, we can make a difference in our community. Let us know if you have some other ways to share!

Achieve a Clean, Healthy Environment: How and Why

Achieve a Clean, Healthy Environment: How and Why

A clean, healthy environment is what we all dream of. We all want to live in place where there is an abundance of available natural resources. We all want to be in a place where we can live happily without compromising the safety of our family.

To achieve a clean, healthy environment, we must exert a lot of effort. We can start by doing simple things to maintain a clean surrounding. Even our little actions can be of great help to our Mother Nature. Here are some actions to help our environment:

  • Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle – Reducing the usage of non-recyclable materials will maintain the cleanliness of the environment. Reusing materials is useful because it keeps us from buying stuff that we do not need. Recycling materials such as plastic bottles and papers will eliminate the existing pollution problem.
  • Be clean at all times – putting garbage in their rightful places will be a great start to this step
  • Observe solid waste management –segregating our garbage will help the world lessen pollution
  • Engage in collective actions – joining groups who share the same advocacies will expand the workforce
  • Educate others – sharing what you know will educate and spread awareness regarding clean, healthy environment.

A clean, healthy environment is beneficial to one’s physical and mental health.  With this kind of environment, people can enjoy fresh air. If the air is clean, we do not have to worry about the possible complications that we can get from filthy air. People do not have to stress themselves about the diseases they can get from soiled surroundings.

A filthy environment invites the presence of unwanted animals such as flies, roaches, and rodents. These animals are not just an eyesore but also bring diseases like leptospirosis, asthma, and cancer. In order to prevent these from happening, we must do the sample ways listed above or follow some

Having a clean, healthy environment is our gift to the future generations. We want our children’s children to enjoy what we have enjoyed. We want them to have a pollution-free life that is why we need to take care of the environment that we have today.